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Why Telecom Software is Seeing A Meteoric Rise?

The basics of the telecommunications industry

The telecommunications industry is what allows the exchange of global information in the 21st century. The most prominent business in this sector includes cables, satellite companies, wireless operators, and internet service providers. With the help of these companies, data is acceptable and sent to anywhere in video, audio, sound, or word format. Most other sectors are relevant such as e-commerce, blockchain, virtual call center, and rely more on telecommunication software development to provide connectivity. In nations that are starting Smart City drives, energy-proficient engineering, and then some, IoT is getting all the more a standard idea.

Impact of Covid-19 in the Telecommunications Industry

The Coronavirus outbreak has affected the telecommunications industry quite heavy. Because it has a limited movement, life at home has increased data usage not only for relaxed social media activities but also to work. It has helped the majority of people to work from home with various instant messaging platforms, virtual meeting platforms and shared file platforms on smartphones, desktops, and more, thus undergoing digital transformation. People are forced to turn to this digital solution which is far run by the telecommunication software industry. Many companies have been able to continue working even with the impact of the virus, which has increased consumption in the telecommunications industry. Along with the amalgamation of Asset tracking software, it will help you become more productive than before by reducing complications and time of communication.

Trend in the telecommunications industry in 2020

Various trends that have been observed in the telecommunications industry are as follows:


  • 5G

The hype around 5G was first started in 2018, and people were excited about their faster connectivity and better efficiency. It also provides better virtualization and links for cloud technology. From the case history, through the use of biometric virus predictors, artificial intelligence in health management can be increased with 5G assistance.


  • Much evolution

5G will have a continuous effect on artificial intelligence and IoT or Internet of Things. It will be able to work at a very high speed without much latency. In countries that start Drive City Smart, Energy-saving architecture, and more, IoT becomes more than the mainstream concept.


  • Better cloud conceptualization

Cloud is not new, but it becomes more relevant now. Not only easy to access, but it also becomes very cost effective. Ecosystem Cloud Hybrid can now combine public and private services, making it more relevant in the industry today.

Benefits of custom telecom software development services

What is custom development?

Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, mobilizing, and maintaining software for a series of users, functions, or certain organizations. Unlike commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), special software development aims for a series of narrowly defined requirements. Cot targets a wide range of requirements, enabling it to be packaged and marketed and distributed commercially.


Off rack vs. custom telecommunication software development

There is always a constant comparison between off the shelf and custom telecom software development. Special telecommunication software solutions are far more personalized and built on a series of specific requirements by customers. On the other hand, telecommunications software shelves are generally mass produced and are not filled with individual or business needs. Special Telecom software also collects more than rack software but at the same time providing the development of cellular applications and better product development. One of the latest examinations by Deloitte shows that the vast majority fear monetary misfortune, unapproved admittance to delicate information, and fraud.

The benefits of using special services for software design are as follows:


  • When you use a special software application, it is expected that you will increase the bounce ratio and conversion because it leads to increased user experience and customer loyalty, which in turn predicts fewer friction traffic.
  • This software is also smoother because it has undergone a software development process which is directed for the needs of certain clients and end users.
  • While the software from the shelf only has generic SEO features, which is made specifically for the telecommunications industry will have better search engine optimization.
  • This software can be updated from time to time.
  • Special software can be installed into existing infrastructure without more cost.
  • While the development of custom software is useful for web applications, it might suffer some weaknesses.
Benefits of outsourcing custom telecommunication software development

The reason why outsourcing is a clear choice is as follows:


  • Cost efficiency: It is very important for all organizations to effective in developing in the industry. With the help of offshore developers, you can save money that should be spent on various overhead costs such as recruitment fees and benefits of insurance. Given this, hiring offshore developers from countries such as Latin America or India are almost three times cheaper than developers in the US.
  • Get access to global talents: By hiring offshore developers or software development companies, you enjoy greater access to talents from all over the world, proficient in relevant programming languages, ERP systems, iOS, Android, and others. Developers in offshore areas such as Eastern Europe and Asia are very skilled and vibrant about job opportunities.
  • Save time by increasing productivity: Outsourcing software development does not only help reduce costs but also streamline and improve the development process. When you have a dedicated developer team that often works in real-time, you don’t need further skills, therefore saves the time to be spent on training training.
  • Flexibility: This is quite a challenge for the in-house team scale. However, flexibility is very important, especially for telecommunications startups. With the help of off the coastal team, you will be able to reach this level of flexibility without problems.
  • Focus on business processes: With offshore teams, you save money that should be spent on overhead costs. This money is preferred to be used to fund important business processes.
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